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There would be no purpose to this site without the efforts of others to provide outstanding internet resources dedicated to assisting us in our hobby of collecting and trading Boy Scout memorabilia.

My sincere thanks to the authors of the web sites who have given their kind permission for me to link to their resources. I encourage you to help them whenever you can by sharing knowledge and also by taking a moment to send them an email to let them know their efforts are appreciated.

I am also forever indebted to the pioneers of our hobby who spent countless hours to categorize and detail the many aspects of patch collecting long before the days of personal computers and the internet.

Below I have tried to list the names of people who have been instrumental in helping me develop and update The Scout Patch Collectors Base Camp. If you helped out and aren't mentioned, please forgive my accidental omission and tell me so that I can correct it.

Coming Soon
Scheduled improvements to the main link page include a new feature which will allow users to learn more about a site by letting their cursor "hover" over a link without clicking on it which will cause a popup window to open with a capsule description of the site. Look for it to appear soon!
I Promise!
Also on the agenda for this page is a list of all sites with the corresponding webmaster/developer's name(s) to provide the credit these generous individuals deserve for creating and sharing these valuable resources on the internet at no cost to us.
Beta Testers
The following individuals kindly responded to my request for permission to link to their web site and/or provided feedback about the initial versions of The Scout Patch Collectors Base Camp:

Michael F. Bowman, Paul Collett, Drew Desilet, Scott Dillard, Kevin Doyle, Sam Fairchild, Jeff Feldman, Jon Gardner, Len Jejer, Chris Jensen, Craig Leighty, Randall M. MacDonald, Craig Murray, Andrew and Eric Murray, Mitch Reis, Burt Simon, Bill Topkis, Kyle Waltz, and Conley and Theresa Williams.

Sincere thanks to these companies for the use of their free and helpful services:

BraveNet Web Services | Extreme Tracking | FastCounter

FormSite | Moreover Technologies | Weather Channel

The Scout Patch Collector's Base Camp

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