Six years of The Scout Patch Collector’s Base Camp

November 18, 2006 Glenn Chase Base Camp Beta Test

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The Scout Patch Collector’s Base Camp was officially launched to the public on Election Day, November, 2000. Since then the site has served over 175,000 visitors from over 100 countries.

Web development has come a long way in half a decade, and it’s time for the Base Camp to undergo significant changes, both in appearance and in underlying code, to bring it up to date and take advantage of the many new technologies now available.

The revisions will start gradually, however, with a content refresh to remove dead links and add new ones. The site is also moving to a new host where I will be able to implement scripts and add features that are not possible with the Time Warner Roadrunner server where the Base Camp launched and has resided for 5 years. Don’t worry – the site address will remain and I will implement an automatic redirect at the URL to the new location.
After the beginning of 2007 look for a major facelift to the Base Camp to streamline the content to reduce load times and scrolling requirements. For now, though, efforts are concentrated on the site migration, content update, and building the foundation for a richer, more interactive experience in the future.

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