December, 2006

Adding a “Featured on” graphic to your web site

December 17, 2006 Glenn Chase Base Camp

If your web site is included on the Base Camp home page you are welcome to include a special badge that says “This site featured on The Scout Patch Collector’s Base Camp” on your site! There are several styles to choose from and quick, simple instructions to follow to add the badge on this page. […]



Conversion to thumbnailer complete

December 12, 2006 Glenn Chase Base Camp

After trying WebSnapr for almost two weeks and never seeing improvement on thumbnail load times or successful image loading statistics I went on the hunt for an affordable replacement. It didn’t take long to find’s Snap Preview Anywhere service, and even less time to implement it. Using BBEdit’s “find and replace” function I stripped […]



Web site thumbnail disappointment

December 11, 2006 Glenn Chase Base Camp

When I first read about the free website thumbnail service provided by WebSnapr I immediately thought it would make a very cool feature addition to The Scout Patch Collector’s Base Camp. Using google I scoured the web for reports from other web developers who had implemented it, and found very few negative remarks. A common […]



PatchCamp revisions go live

December 2, 2006 Glenn Chase Base Camp

On Friday, December 1 the domain was changed to point to the servers at, ending the official beta testing period and making the revisions planned for Fall, 2006 live. Thanks to all who took the time to participate and provide feedback! It took a little less than 24 hours for the DNS changes […]



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