Snap Preview Anywhere is optional

February 25, 2007 Glenn Chase Base Camp

If you aren’t keen on the effect that pops up a small preview window of the web page when you roll over a link, the folks at have made it very easy to turn off. Just roll over a link, snort with derision at the unwanted window that appears, then notice the link in the upper right corner of that window that says “Options & Disable.” Cross your fingers, click as best you can, and watch in wonder as the preview window changes to a list of options including Disable Snap Preview Anywhere. Click the appropriate link for This Site or All Sites depending upon how seriously you want to banish the effect from your browsing experience, close the window, and be sure to reload the page. The preference is stored in a cookie so if you ever delete your browser cookies the previews will return with a vengeance and you will need to repeat this process.
Personally, I think the effect is very cool and provides useful visual cues about each site linked from the Base Camp, but I can see how those connecting to the internet via dialup would prefer to disable it to make their browsing experience more efficient.


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