Links validated, Sea Scout insignia site added

June 9, 2007 Glenn Chase Base Camp

In my daily Patch-L email digest a fellow Scout asked the collective subscribers for a site related to Sea Scouts insignia. Robert Rodgers quickly replied with a link, and I thought it would be a nice addition to the Scout Patch Collector’s Base Camp.

While I was adding it I used the indispensable Firefox extension LinkChecker to verify all of the links on the main page and Free-For-All links page, and removed the Yahoo Scout Auctions link since Yahoo has decided to retire that service shortly.

LinkChecker highlighted 4 nonworking links on the Patchcamp Free-For-All Links page out of 104 sites listed. I will try to contact the site owners to see if there are newer addresses before removing them completely. The sites that LinkChecker could not find are:

  • Visual History of the Totin’ Chip
  • Adam’s Patch Zone
  • Jim’s Bald Eagle CSP’s
  • The Scout Image

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