World Jamboree Updates to the Base Camp

July 20, 2007 Glenn Chase Base Camp

The 21st World Scout Jamboree begins in less than a week, and the Scout Patch Collector’s Base Camp is freshly updated to celebrate the centennial anniversary of world Scouting!

The Scout Patch Collector’s Base Camp is a directory of helpful internet resources for pursuing our hobby of collecting and trading Boy Scout memorabilia, and beginning today you’ll find a wealth of new links to keep up with what’s happening as Scouts head for the Jamboree site at Hylands Park, Essex, UK.

From news headlines, blogs, weather, jamboree radio, and youtube videos, the Base Camp aims to be your central launch pad for media related to the Jamboree, as well as all of the collectibles surrounding it.

Additional improvements and refinements include:

– The custom google-powered search engine has been expanded to include over 60 sites related specifically to Scout patch collecting.
– Over 100 select sites linked from the main page to help you find the patch collecting information you are looking for.
– Hovering your mouse pointer over an icon next to each link will popup a small window with a preview of the linked site.
– Over 100 related sites submitted to our “Free Links” page. Do you have a web site, blog, or podcast related to patch collecting? Submit it today!

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Glenn Chase
Webmaster, The Scout Patch Collector’s Base Camp

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