Kecoughtan Lodge 25th Anniversary flaps

January 28, 2008 Glenn Chase Patch news

Issued in 1976, on the 25th anniversary of Kecoughtan Lodge 463, these anniversary flaps were the first design departure from the original flap. The flaps were available in limited quantities and remain highly prized by collectors of this Lodge and Virginia OA emblems.


The first version of the Kecoughtan Lodge 25th anniversary flap reversed the black background of the standard flap with a white one, and replaced the silver border with a black one.


A reorder of this flap resulted in a smaller version with no stitching around the flags. This flap was originally classified as “QS1” in the first edition of the Blue Book, indicating that it was not an official lodge issue, based upon reports that it was rejected by the Lodge upon receipt and returned to the manufacturer. Later editions of the Blue Book record it as the “S4.5” issue, apparently granting it status as an official lodge issue.


The final version of the 25th anniversary flap changed the lettering of the “W’s” and the Lodge number from white to black, and were the same size as the original S4 version.

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