Jamboree patch sites added to Patchcamp

September 19, 2012 Glenn Chase New Site

Many councils have already issued special patches to help raise funds for their contingents to attend the upcoming 2013 National Scout Jamboree next July. Fortunately an excellent site featuring lists and pictures of these emblems has been developed by Tom, who previously created a site to document the emblems of the 2010 National Scout Jamboree.

Both of these excellent resources have been added to the National Jamboree area of the Scout Patch Collector’s Base Camp. You can find them here:

Tom, the webmaster who created these invaluable sites, specifically works to differentiate them from similar sites by seeking the original artwork and documenting the original prices of the patches. If you have a chance to help contribute this information and pictures of the emblems for your council, please take the time to do so!

2010 Jamboree2013 Jamboree

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