Patchcamp picks up traffic as Jamboree 2013 approaches

July 1, 2013 Glenn Chase Patch news


The number of visitors to the Scout Patch Collectors Base Camp has increased dramatically as Scouts prepare for trading at the upcoming National Scout Jamboree scheduled for July 15-24 at the new Summit Bechtel Reserve in Mount Hope WV.

To insure that Patchcamp patrons stay up to date the Jamboree links have been updated to include a summary of current news stories about the Jamboree and a weather page for current weather and forecasts.

The 2013 National Jamboree will surely see the largest number of special Jamboree shoulder patches (JSPs) ever, with dozens of councils issuing multipatch sets. Check them out at the 2013 National Scout Jamboree Shoulder patch site.

Did you know that there were JSP’s for the very first National Jamboree in 1935? They were quite unlike the colorful patches we know today. They were designed to signify the Scout’s troop, area, and region and were made of red felt with white lettering. Check out this article on to see a picture. The 1935 National Scout Jamboree was cancelled just weeks before opening due to a nationwide polio epidemic.

National Jamboree

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