Dad and Daughter

My name is Glenn Chase, and that’s a picture of me and my daughter in the local neighborhood 4th of July Parade when she was about a year old. Today she’s a Girl Scout!

The patchcamp.com blog is where I keep track of the planned and actual changes to The Scout Patch Collector’s Base Camp, a web site originally launched in November of 2000 to provide a central list of helpful resources for trading, collecting, and preserving Scout memorabilia.

My Father was an Air Force fighter pilot, so as a military brat I was a member of many dens, packs, troops, lodges, and councils as our family moved with each new assignment. My Scout career began in the sixties as a Cub Scout in the Transatlantic Council, first at Wethersfield Air Base, Essex, England, and then in Gelnhausen, Germany. Troop 24 of Alexandria, Louisiana was my first Scout troop, and I was tapped out and inducted into Ouxouiga Lodge 264, Order of the Arrow, at Camp Attakapas.

When my Dad was reassigned to Langley AFB our family moved to Hampton, Virginia, where I became a member of Troop 78 and Kecoughtan Lodge of Peninsula Council. While in Kecoughtan Lodge I served as Corresponding Secretary and Editor of the Lodge newspaper, the Kecoughtan Kryer. I was fortunate to attend a National Jamboree and make two treks to Philmont Scout Ranch during my Scout days in Virginia.

While in college at the University of Texas I remained registered as a member of the College Scouter Reserve and was able to serve on the staff of the 1985 National Scout Jamboree at Fort A.P. Hill, Virginia.

I was fortunate to find employment in Austin after graduation from UT so I didn’t have to leave this wonderful city.

When Kecoughtan Lodge merged with Chanco Lodge in 1996 I was dismayed that only scant remnants of the lodge’s 40 year history remained on the internet, and set about creating a web site to document the emblems issued by the lodge. kecoughtan.com was originally just a couple of pages hosted on AOL, and has since expanded to include emblems and historical documents covering not only Kecoughtan Lodge, but also Chanco Lodge and Wahunsenakah Lodge, as well as the Councils, Area, and Sections those lodges belonged to.

Recently I launched va-oa.org to document the Area and Dection pow-wows, conclaves, and similar gatherings of the Virginia Order of the Arrow lodges, along with the emblems issued for these events.

The history of the Scout Patch Collector’s Base Camp is covered in it’s FAQ. Neither of my sites could exist without the invaluable contributions of others who are dedicated to helping preserve the rich history and tradition of Scouting. The internet and personal computers have blessed us with tools that give everyday citizens the ability to collaborate, share, educate, and learn. I only hope that my efforts might be a fraction as dedicated as the pioneers in our hobby who spent years researching, writing, typing, photocopying, and mailing documents to share their knowledge with others.

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