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February 19, 2008 Glenn Chase Base Camp

Thinking Day 2008

If you have eagle eyes you may have noticed a small change to the introductory text on the Scout Patch Collector’s Base Camp home page. “The Scout Patch Collector’s Base Camp is a directory of helpful internet resources for pursuing our hobby of collecting and trading Boy Scout memorabilia” was changed to remove the word “Boy.” This was necessitated by the recent addition of two excellent web sites related to Girl Scouting.

The Vintage Girl Scout Museum, a site by Nancy White, is exactly what it sounds like, with pictures and descriptions of all sorts of uniforms, emblems, and medals, as well as historical information about Girl Scout programs around the world.

The Girl Guide and Girl Scout Patch Collecting Directory is a wonderful resource for current or aspiring collectors of Girl Scout or Girl Guide patches. Jessica Cangiano has done an amazing job of assembling dozens of links to helpful internet sites along with expert advice on starting a collection, finding lists of councils, and more.

Why the expansion to include Girl Scouts and Girl Guides? It seems only natural to include their program which promotes similar values and purposes, and I have a daughter who entered Junior Girl Scouts this year after entering the program as a Daisy, then spending several years as a Brownie. My wife (a volunteer leader of my daughter’s troop) has pleaded with me not to infect my daughter with my patch collecting fever, no doubt afraid that our abode will be overrun with even more colorful embroidered bits of cloth!

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